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Platform Release Notes

New features and updates to the Lyssn platform

AUGUST 2023 - Coming Soon!


Adaptive Video Frame Rate Selection: when a recording is initiated, our recorder will request lower frame rates over connections with lower upload speeds.

Offensive Language Blurring: language that matches to a 3rd party offensive language listing will be blurred by default in session transcripts. Words can be un-blurred by the reviewer if so desired.

User Management: program administrators now have an option to delete users from the platform in batches. Batch deletion can be done through uploaded a .csv file, or by selecting multiple users from a list. 


Data visualization parameters: users can now filter the data visualization chart by MI Proficiency in the metric drop-down.

Transcript Search: the transcript search functionality has been updated to allow for multi-word matching.


CBTp Training: a kind little rogue HTML element that simply displayed "Hello!" has been removed from the resource list.



JUNE 2023 - Released on 7.02.2023


Internal: users may not notice any new features, but this month we added a lot of internal tools to help us help you!


MI Training: users can now listen to expert responses for each vignette in the training. Expert responses become available once a trainee has attempted the vignette.


Peer Group Lists: new and unread session/message alerts are now being displayed in the peer group lists, just as they are for individual and supervisee lists. Session counts have also been added.



April 2023 - Released on 4.23.2023


User Management: administrators can now assign and un-assign user relationship through a batch assign list instead of having to click into each individual user!

Temporary Login Flow:  a new flow has been put in place for temporary login (password reset). The user will receive an email with a link. Once clicked on, the link will direct the user to the appropriate page and ask for confirmation they are ready to log-in. This is to prevent email providers from automatically previewing, thus invalidating, the single-use link.


MI Training: feedback utterance labels are now "rolled-up." This means that if there are multiple codes that repeat in succession, they will only be displayed one time.


User Management: in some instances the first and/or last names of new users where being treated as fully lower-case. Case is now respected as it is entered.

Session Tagging: every so ofter the session tag component would render on the screen more than one time. Now it only renders one time as expected

Transcript Download Formatting: we heard from you regarding the unformatted transcript downloads. Downloads should now include punctuation, spacing, and caseing. Filenames for the downloads also now use a unique identifier for the session in the filename.

Recording: additional internal logging has been added to the recording code.

Style: users will notice various styling tweaks and updates across the Lyssn platforms!



March 2023 - Released on 3.19.2023


Session Tagging: we heard you! Users can now tag sessions with tags approved by their program! If new tags are needed, please reach out to your program administrator.


Data Visualization: some administrators were experience long load times or a page-hang during the rendering of our data visualization chart. This is now resolved.

Peer Group Assignments: a bug was preventing peer group assignments from being available for a small number of users.

General User Interface (UI): an auto-scrolling function was removed. There were also times when the 'Report' button would show as active before a session was fully processed, leading to a blank report.

Administrator Session View: we have fixed a bug that restricted administrators from replying on comment threads in the session view.



February 2023 (1.1 Patch) - Released on 2.27.2023


Data Visualization: we resolved instances where the data visualization chart was not resizing correctly in some scenarios. We also fixed a parsing issue that prevented some special characters from appearing as expected.

Administrator Training Tab: some programs who were using the training platform were not able to access an active data download button in the administrator platform. This has been corrected.

Administrator Landing Page: all programs will now load the therapist list on sign-in, instead of defaulting to the client list.



February 2023 - Released on 2.12.2023


User Management: fields for phone and email have been added to user creation and editing boxes.

MI Assessment:  our new MI Assessment platform is live! Users can watch vignettes from four different clients in each of the five modules, then record their responses for review.


Session Upload File Types: we have added support for .wma file types in the file upload option.

Data Visualization: we been working on this one for a while, and now it's ready for our users! The data visualization chart has been super-charged under the hood to make data available as quickly as possible. You'll also notice bubbles are either filled in or left empty. Filled in bubble represent "active" sessions; these are session that are not yet expired in accordance with your program data retention option. Empty bubbles have expired so you cannot click into them, but you can still see their data in the chart!

Report View: rating scale language in the CBT Tab of the report view has been updated.

User Management: administrators will now see a Single Sign-On (SSO) indicator next to therapists/supervisors/admin who have *not* yet activated their account via SSO.


Administrator Training Tab: the training tab will only be present in the admin view if a program is using MI training and has requested data download capability.

Supervisee Session Sorting: a previous update change the way supervisees and their sessions were ordered on the page. We have reverted the sorting back to a previous state so that supervisor will see newer sessions on top. Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that was helpful for you!

Supervisee Session Drawers: a bug was causes supervisee drawers to collapse when clicked in certain spots.

Notes: we've added some refinements in the way the notes tool works.